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CLI Team

We are an experienced, mission-driven team passionate about helping philanthropists find their paths to impact.  We are advisors, communicators, climate experts, researchers, and nonprofit professionals focused on building a healthy and more equitable world.

Ana Potochniak

Executive Assistant, Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Priya Ratneshwar

Associate Director, Content Strategy

Athena Ronquillo-Ballesteros

Managing Director, Global Climate Strategies

Madeline Ruhlow

Executive Assistant, President's Office

Jenny Schawe

Manager, Business Systems

Robynn Steffen

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Tye Tavaras

Fellow, Global Climate Strategies

Ashleigh Barber Tevelin

Director, Operations
Jessica Weber photo

Jessica Weber

Executive Assistant, Philanthropy

Constance Visser Witman

Project Manager, Philanthropy