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About Us

Our mission is to rapidly and exponentially increase climate philanthropy by connecting donors with peers, experts, and high-impact solutions that restore our planet and build a healthy and equitable future for all.

The Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI) was created to provide philanthropists with guidance and insights into impactful climate solutions. We advise new climate philanthropists and engage those with experience to connect with their peers.

With a sophisticated staff and a network of trusted advisors, climate experts, peer philanthropists, and thought leaders, CLI is ready to help philanthropists find their path to impact.

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Our Story

After the adoption of the 2015 Paris Agreement, leaders from our founding funders and key partners decided that addressing the climate crisis at a level corresponding to the urgent threat required more philanthropic investment—quickly and at the scale needed. In 2019, CLI was formally launched, and today we continue to work closely with these original funders.

CLI plays a unique role in engaging philanthropists, particularly those new to the climate issue, and connecting them with high-impact solutions sourced from the broader climate community. In addition, CLI helps donors connect the dots between climate and other areas where they may already be giving–such as poverty, health, education, conservation, and science, as well as in specific geographic regions.