About Us

Our mission is to rapidly and exponentially increase climate philanthropy by connecting donors with peers, experts and high-impact solutions that restore our planet. 

Climate change affects every aspect of our lives and threatens to undermine progress on economic, social and environmental issues. And yet, climate represents a fraction of philanthropic giving. CLI is singularly focused on increasing climate philanthropy by making it easier for donors to tap into a network of peers, organizations and promising solutions.

We balance both rigor and urgency in our work to quickly and nimbly engage donors with tailored giving opportunities that cross-cut issues such as health, poverty, food and water, economic justice and biodiversity. We mobilize the ingenuity, passion and generosity of philanthropists to solve the most profound challenge of our time.

Because our staff, overhead and operations are fully funded, we do not fundraise for our work, charge for our services or make our own grants. This model frees us to advise donors and connect them directly to the global network of effective, trusted partners leading the way. 

How We Work

CLI is both an advisory service for new climate donors and strategic support for experienced donors to enlist their peers. We engage donors by:

Connecting donors to peers, experts and solutions

Convening donor experiences and thought-leader events with meaningful follow-up opportunities

Curating impactful giving opportunities

We’re Growing

CLI is filling new positions on our team as we advance the most promising solutions to the climate crisis. Check back in for new opportunities.

The Head of Global Climate Strategies (GCS) will play a vital role in guiding new climate philanthropists to the bold, outsized impact needed to solve the most profound challenge of our time. The Head of GCS will build on CLI’s network model of advisors from around the world to source, vet, and lift high-impact, leading-edge climate solutions. Learn more.

Our Team

Multidots Cameron Bradley Manager, Special Projects, President's Office
Multidots Bob Calhoun Senior Analyst, Prospect Development
Multidots Giulia Marchiori Ceresa Philanthropy Advisor U.K.
Multidots Celeste Chan Associate, Donor Relations
Multidots Chelsea Crandall Associate, Donor Relations
Multidots Ulla Erhardt Senior Philanthropy Director
Multidots Joe Hayes Director of Operations
Multidots Jennifer Kitt President
Multidots Katharine Koshie Senior Philanthropy Director
Multidots Claire Lewis Executive Assistant
Multidots Anna Liao Executive Assistant
Multidots Jennifer Marlow Director of Communications
Multidots Rachael Petersen Global Climate Strategies Partner
Multidots Robynn Steffen Vice President & Chief Operating Officer