About Us

Our mission is to rapidly and exponentially increase climate philanthropy by connecting donors with peers, experts, and high-impact solutions that restore our planet and build a healthy and equitable future for all.

Solving climate change is hard and deciding where to invest is complex. The Climate Leadership Initiative was created to provide philanthropists with expert guidance and insights into impactful climate solutions. We advise new climate philanthropists and engage those with experience to connect with their peers.

With a sophisticated staff and a network of trusted, seasoned advisors, world-class climate experts, and philanthropist-ambassadors, CLI is ready to help interested philanthropists get started quickly and effectively. Learn more about the CLI story.

Our Board

Multidots Tom Steinbach Chair, CLI Board of Directors & Executive Director, Tempest Advisors
Multidots Chris DeCardy Acting CEO, ClimateWorks Foundation
Multidots Kate Hampton CEO, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
Multidots Jorgen Thomsen Director of Climate Solutions, MacArthur Foundation
Multidots Larry Kramer President, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Multidots Sue Tierney Senior Advisor, Analysis Group

Our Team

Multidots Danielle E. Alvarez Manager, Events and Communications
Multidots Cameron Bradley Manager, Special Projects, President's Office
Multidots Gideon Bresler Senior Philanthropy Advisor
Multidots Celeste Chan Associate, Philanthropic Engagement
Multidots Bob Calhoun Senior Research Analyst
Multidots Giulia Marchiori Ceresa Senior Philanthropy Advisor
Multidots Ulla Erhardt Senior Philanthropy Advisor
Multidots Christina James Associate, Philanthropic Engagement
Multidots Jennifer Kitt President
Multidots Whitney Kollar Senior Philanthropy Advisor
Multidots Katharine Koshie Senior Philanthropy Advisor
Multidots Eric Kostegan Managing Director, Philanthropic Advising
Multidots Claire Lewis Executive Assistant
Multidots Anna Liao Executive Assistant
Multidots Jennifer Marlow Chief Communications Officer
Multidots Kimi Narita Associate Director, Global Climate Strategies
Multidots Frank Nguyen Knowledge Manager
Multidots Joan Ochi Editor
Multidots Jenny Schawe Manager, Business Systems
Multidots Athena Ronquillo-Ballesteros Managing Director, Global Climate Strategies
Multidots Robynn Steffen Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Multidots Jennifer Tabola Deputy Managing Director, Global Climate Strategies
Multidots Ashleigh Barber Tevelin Director of Operations
Multidots Jessica Weber Executive Assistant

We’re Growing

CLI is filling new positions on our team as we advance the most promising solutions to the climate crisis. Please check back regularly.