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Nat Simons & Laura Baxter-Simons

Nat and Laura the co-founders and co-directors of Sea Change Foundation, a private family foundation currently dedicated to addressing global climate change, as well as co-directors of Sea Change Foundation International. Founded in 2006, Sea Change works to support private and public policies and foster investments and practices that will reduce the most substantial sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2009, Nat and Laura co-founded Prelude Ventures, an early-stage cleantech investment group which focuses on emerging companies poised to speed the transition to a low-carbon economy. Prelude works closely with other venture funds and family offices active in cleantech. Prelude manages capital exclusively for Simons family philanthropic entities and is a member of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition.

Nat and Laura have worked together in the financial industry for over twenty years. Nat is Chairman and Laura is General Counsel at Meritage Group LP, a U.S.-based investment management firm.

Nat and Laura are members of the Giving Pledge.