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The Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI) mobilizes and channels the creativity, passion, and generosity of philanthropists to address the most profound challenge of our time–climate change. We balance rigor with urgency in our work to nimbly engage donors with expert insights and tailored giving opportunities that cross-cut issues such as health, poverty, food and water, economic justice, and biodiversity, all of which intersect with the climate.

CLI is not a grantmaking organization. Instead, we source and vet solutions from the broader climate community across sectors, geographies, and strategies; and connect philanthropists directly to the organizations implementing them. These solutions range from promising early-stage ideas to proven opportunities ready for scale.

Because CLI is fully funded by leading philanthropies, we do not charge for advisory services, nor do we raise money for our own operations or any one organization. This frees CLI to help philanthropists find a path that best matches their interests and needs.

Advisory Services

Empowering philanthropists to get started quickly.

Addressing the climate crisis is incredibly difficult, but climate giving does not need to be. We enable donors to navigate and decide how to focus their giving. CLI serves as a trusted guide, helping philanthropists understand a solution’s potential impact and accelerating the learning that gives them the confidence to act. CLI’s “Guide for Action” provides a framework for getting started in climate philanthropy.

Connecting philanthropists with peers, experts, and leading funders in the space.

Climate change is a global challenge that demands collective action to achieve massive transitions. We provide tailored support and connections to peers and experts so that donors can save time, speed impact, and work collaboratively to scale big ideas. This video showcases some of the thought leaders who have been part of our events and experiences.

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Helping move high-impact solutions to scale.

Collaborative giving platforms are a way to actively move climate solutions to scale—by enabling new and experienced philanthropists to work collectively, confidently, and swiftly to achieve far-reaching and outsized impact in their giving. They offer a coordinated approach in developing strategies that address complex, cross-cutting issues, from protecting forests to advancing climate equity and justice.

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Curating strategic giving opportunities.

Philanthropic investments can be targeted to specific sectors, geographic regions, or influential activities, such as policy change, strategic communications, litigation, movement and coalition building, and political advocacy. We assess these giving priorities and source highly credible solutions that match donors’ interests.

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