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Tackling the climate challenge requires massive transitions in how the world functions—from our economies to our institutions to our lifestyles and beyond.

By supporting a diversity of organizations and initiatives working to move beyond fossil fuels—politically, economically, and socially—philanthropy can catalyze the massive transitions we need. For example, philanthropy:

  • Plays a critical role in driving systemic change by investing in groups working to influence governments, businesses, and markets, and leveraging trillions of dollars in public and private investment.
  • Builds political will and wins hearts and minds by activating people and coalitions who can compel action.
  • Provides resources to organizations that influence financial flows, advocate for policy change, employ legal strategies, use strategic communications to reach broader audiences, develop capacity, build coalitions and movements, and undertake research.

These are just a few of many “levers”—tactics and activities that can drive progress from all angles.

These inspiring stories illustrate how philanthropy can accelerate solutions, drive innovations, and ensure fair and equitable outcomes—helping us get to a sustainable future.