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Cameron Bradley

Cameron Bradley: Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI)

Cameron Bradley is manager of special projects for the president's office at the Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI), where she manages strategic projects and partnerships that are critical to CLI's work for the climate cause. Throughout her career, Cameron has collaborated with foundations, local governments and grassroots communities to build and grow projects focused on women’s rights, health, food security, forest conservation and clean water access.

Prior to joining CLI, Cameron consulted with the Rockefeller Foundation, partnering with innovators, field experts and solution partners to conduct an investigative report that informed the foundation’s investment strategy to expand access to more resilient emergency healthcare systems across the world. While earning an MS in nonprofit management from The New School, she led the development of Kangu, an international healthcare organization in New York that created a pooled funding platform where individual donors now collaborate to support maternal healthcare for vulnerable women and infants in Africa, Asia, and South America.

Cameron began her career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania in 2010, where she witnessed first-hand how critical local leadership and community empowerment are in constructing lasting solutions to health and environmental challenges. She is fluent in Swahili. Cameron’s wealth of experiences has shown her not only the power of collective donor action, but also the critical role that environmental sustainability plays in building a healthier and more just planet.

Cameron Bradley: Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI)