How We Work

CLI mobilizes the creativity, passion, and generosity of philanthropists to address this profound challenge. We balance rigor with urgency in our work to nimbly engage donors with expert insights and tailored giving opportunities that cross-cut issues such as health, poverty, food and water, economic justice and biodiversity, all of which are affected significantly by climate.

The obstacle to success isn’t finding solutions to the climate crisis—it is quickly matching these emerging and impactful opportunities to philanthropic investment at scale. With their ability to be agile, take risks, and bring leverage, philanthropists can play a critical role in accelerating a cleaner, safer, and more equitable future for all.

CLI offers a range of advisory services, including:

  • Empowering philanthropists to get started quickly. We enable potential donors to see the full climate map and help them navigate it, providing a practical framework for deciding where and how to focus their giving. CLI also serves as a translator, cutting through the complex and technical to the heart of a solution’s potential impact—accelerating the learning journey that gives philanthropists the confidence to act.
  • Connecting new and experienced philanthropists with peers, experts, and leading funders in the space. Climate is a global challenge that requires collective action to make the massive transitions needed away from the harmful status quo. We cultivate a community where donors can come together, learn from one another, and work collaboratively to scale big ideas. This includes unique engagement experiences, thought leader conversations, and informative and action-oriented webinars with meaningful follow-up opportunities.
  • Curating impactful giving opportunities that match interests and passions with ready-to-scale solutions sourced from the broader climate community. As a trusted advisor, we help donors optimize their giving. Philanthropic investments can be targeted to specific sectors, geographic regions, or influential activities such as policy change, strategic communications, litigation, movement and coalition building, and political advocacy.

Webinars like this, co-hosted by Project Drawdown and presented by CLI President Jennifer Kitt and Dr. Jon Foley, offer in-depth content that helps philanthropists build the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Because CLI is fully funded by leading philanthropies, we do not charge for advisory services, nor do we raise money for our own operations or any one organization. This frees us to help philanthropists find the smartest path that addresses their interests and needs.