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Frank Nguyen

Frank Nguyen headshot

Frank Nguyen is knowledge manager at the Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI), where he supports efforts to construct and deliver high-impact giving strategies to donors while architecting critical systems that enable CLI to scale effectively.

Prior to joining CLI, Frank worked as a consultant at a small professional services company and subsequently Mastercard. He delivered consulting and software solutions to help companies ranging from financial institutions to grocers make data-driven decisions. While managing multiple project teams, Frank also championed knowledge management and company enablement efforts to support his colleagues in delivering their work globally.

Frank received a BS in chemical and biological engineering and a minor in sustainable energy from Princeton University. He developed his interest in energy and the environment through research projects in alternative fuels and renewable energy and helped start the university’s Energy Association. Despite having mostly lived in California, Frank recognizes climate change’s global impact and the vast opportunities to respond in a just, equitable manner.

Frank Nguyen headshot