About Us - Celeste Chan
Celeste Chan
Project Manager, Philanthropy

Celeste Chan is a project manager for the philanthropy team. She works closely with CLI’s Europe-based senior philanthropy director and philanthropy advisor to provide philanthropists and partners with climate solutions opportunities and resources.

Prior to joining CLI, Celeste volunteered at the London headquarters of Founders Pledge helping to set up their fundraising operations. She previously served as a development manager at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and subsequently at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, securing funds from individuals, family offices, foundations and corporations to support projects that helped people and communities around the world navigate differences in a peaceful way. She started her career in the higher education sector, managing programs and grants to broaden the horizons and the prospects of young people.

Originally from Singapore, Celeste holds a BA in European Studies from the National University of Singapore. She completed her postgraduate degree in Geopolitics and International Relations in France, interned in Estonia and has lived in the U.K. since 2005. She is bilingual in English and Mandarin-Chinese, fluent in French and speaks conversational Norwegian and Cantonese. Celeste believes that combating climate change is central to ensuring a more promising future for all.