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Roda Angeles

Roda Angeles is executive assistant to the managing director of global climate strategies (GCS) at the Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI). Roda brings years of international environmental non-profit expertise and experience to the GCS team. She supports efficient and effective operations with an eye towards equitable and high-impact solutions for climate.

Prior to joining CLI, Roda worked for Greenpeace and on numerous campaigns towards a healthier world—from climate, oceans and plastics to forests and democracy. She specialized in coordinating and supporting multi-sectoral teams and projects.

Roda is based in the Bay Area. A passionate environmental activist, she cares deeply about conservation and activism, and is constantly seeking opportunities to share her skills with organizations based in Southeast Asia, especially those that empower women leaders. In her free time, Roda can be found hiking, kayaking, and caving in the great outdoors she's dedicated to protecting.